Artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar

Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar

  • 30-05-2024
  • Written by admin

Once the township of Saint-Jean-CapFerrat, a community of the Alpes-Maritimes district in the south-east in France, agreed to set up a creative venue, it became obvious that was no better initiation function than a solo display by the local artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar. A French artist of Iranian origin, he also currently had solo artist exhibits in Dusseldorf and London,

His view of creation, society, and culture represents the dreams of the great masters who lived here. His artistic style and methods are closer to the old french paintings – the way he introduces rhythm, brightness, and colors. It’s like he emerged from a distant time, with a deep bond to the peninsula.

The paintings include symbolic interpretations of natural cultures that are, in several ways, significant to the painter himself, like Transcendence, influenced by the artist’s impression of watching the water disappear in daylight. Other works in the collection, like Forest of Life, Trees of Paradise, and Falling Rose of Light, also represent the scenic surroundings and encounters of the peninsula, such as the rugged coastlines, the tall, centuries-old pine trees of Aleppo, and the rough French Alps, that transform on a different personality in the changing seasons.

Behnam-Bakhtiar ‘s progress is both stunning and technically competent, has been done against an uncommon and often challenging backdrop. His parents were also creators; however, post-revolution Iran provided its struggles as an opportunity to communicate or develop some artistic talent. The whole method – and the struggle against light and darkness in human life – will be placed into a clear perspective in the latest display. The exhibition highlight will become an incredible project, Tornado of Life (2017), vibrant and expressive art that will carry together many other projects.

More veiled and dim in the shade, with only flutters of lighter colors appearing, these paintings aim to highlight the supremacy of illumination – and indeed of spiritual improvement – that Behnam-Bahtiar strives to accomplish. And in the toughest days in Iran, he states, he’s drawing hopeful from the relationships he’s finally created there.

The spectacular pieces of art of Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar are made by a specific approach becoming his signature. In almost the same manner as his personal history is complicated and nuanced, his paintings are likewise layered. Worked in blended media and oil on canvas, he does his works by adding various layers of color. These can contain pieces of handmade patterns that are stuck to the background, collage-style. In certain instances, he overpaints every other layer working on a grid-like pattern to generate a mural impact. Finally, he incorporates the curving trunk of a plasterer to strip portions of the topcoats of paint and expose the colors below, ending in the kaleidoscopic look for which his paintings are known.

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