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Riin Kaljurand

  • 13-04-2024
  • Written by admin

RiinKaljurandwas born in 1979 in Estonia. She completed her graduation from the National College of Arts and Design (NCAD) and currently undertaking MFA in NCSD. She has displayed the paintings in many exhibitions. RiinKaljurand is an artist who likes to paint with no restrictions, and she honors the nature of materials by eliminating typical canvas support for painting.
Her art has a sculptural component, but it is far all about style, subjectivity, and the creativity of painting.Some of her works are created using collaborative methods and conventional crafts, knitting, basket weaving, and crocheting.RiinKaljurand is among those painters who do not draw sketches. She says that she doesn’t even have a sketchbook

Gender policy and its counterintuitive association with health are one of the issues that the painter addresses explicitly. She reacts to this criticism by exploring the materiality of paintings and trying to replicate the value of the skin.

In these pieces, she aims to create a contrast between the tangibility and her paintings. RiinKaljurand manages to use paint as a meaningful, formable, just about sculptural medium realistic for deception. Her art is marked by a vivid use of textured surfaces as paint. She also tries to manipulate and transforms the meaning of mass materials into paintings.

The art becomes both the surface and the medium in this case. Her drawings are collaged with dry layers of household paints and acrylic that she manipulates at various stages of drying-scraping, cutting, folding, drawing, and building up.

RiinKaljurand likes to keep varying the painting methods. When she was a beginner, she used to put her all efforts in one painting at a time. Now, she likes to work on multiple paintings at a time. RiinKaljurand feels more comfortable and creative while working on four to five paintings at one time.

Most of her art is named even before beginning the painting, but she also took several days to name her few paintings. RiinKaljurand is fond of irony in her art. Some of her paintings are also named ‘Untitled 001.’ The inspiration to name her paintings is achieved from the photos she used as a subject matter.

She not only uses tools for her paintings but also uses some traditional handcraft’ tools like fingers, hair combs, and icing nozzles. Every painter gets a start from different ways, and RiinKaljurand starts painting by looking for some image which she likes. After searching the image which she thinks is perfect, she works on reimagining that image as a painting. She is the one who lets the creativity to take over and loves to leave the things quite loose.

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