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Takashi Murakami Modern Artist from Japan

Takashi Murakami from Tokyo, Japan, is an artist renowned for obscuring the boundaries between visual art and modern painting. He is also listed among established and modern artists employed in the Pop Art movement, like Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and Damien Hirst Murakami’s contribution. He has gained a substantial degree of popularity outside the art community. […]

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Kerry James Marshall the Artist from Birmingham

Kerry James Marshall is one of the greatest living artists born in Birmingham in 1955. He received an honorary doctorate and BFA from Otis Art Institute Los Angeles.   The focus of his paintings, projects, and art campaigns is always derived from African-American mainstream culture and is grounded in the context of his childhood. Throughout […]

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Richard Prince photographer & artist

Since the late 1970s, Richard Prince has reshaped the definitions of authorship, possession, and reputation through prospecting photographs from mainstream media, advertising, and film. Applying his knowledge of the dynamic transactions of expression to the creation of sculpture, he created a distinctive signature packed with the traces of many signatures, but undoubtedly his own. A perceptive chronicler […]

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While Georgia O’Keefe has been widely recognized

While Georgia O’Keefe has been widely recognized as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century,

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The works of Keith Haring

The works of Keith Haring, while outstanding in their own right, have been made even more valuable by his tragic and untimely death.

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Jackson Pollock

The prominent and successful painter Jackson Pollock was the figurehead of the abstract expressionist group in the world of art.

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