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Latest up and coming Artist from Serbia Nemanja Vučković

  • 30-05-2024
  • Written by admin

Vučković is a painter who, by using colored surfaces, provides the audience, through systemic dominion, the opportunity to pursue a free mechanism of the work and a reasonable purposeful idea for a well-designed dilemma of structure. Vučković has received numerous prizes for his artistic works abroad, as well as the appreciation of public authorities.

Nemanja Vuckovic, a famous artist from Serbia, was born in 1990 in Surdulica. He completed his graduation from the Faculty of Applied Arts and currently completed a Ph.D. in the field of color testing. His projects are featured in various publications, including media TV and radio, and he has been regularly welcomed as a speaker.

Nemanja Vučković is considered among the best painters who love the atypical composition. Nemanja Vuckovic has more than 30 group exhibitions and several solo exhibitions. His paintings have won many awards, and his art is related to different trends such as Fauvism and Expressionism.

The paintings of Nemanja Vučković show the signs of favoritism and can clearly draw his emotions and feelings. He has displayed his paitingsseveral times both at home and abroad in group shows, has participated in numerous societies of art, and has many personal exhibitions. He is well recognized for his achromatic scenes and rare designs.

He specializes in the area of painting and fine art, as well as in interior design and print mosaic. Almost all of his projects are based on the idea of seeking a relationship between the energies of nature and human feelings and temporary emotions. He feels that he may have done a great job whenever he develops a relationship between the individual and the image

Each artist looks for inspiration for his work and then follows that style. Nemanja Vučković gets that inspiration in his subconscious. His paintings show the different tones and moods, from a chaotic emotion of love, joy, and sorrow, based on the present state of mind. His art is created with random but sensible moves. He escapes from figuration and designs, so he skillfully covers it when it emerges, because he does not want to limit the spectator.

Nemanja Vuckovic displays humanity’s connection with nature in color, at the same time, their dynamism and unity that emerges from the artist’s mind. That power originates at the moment the work is produced.Some artists always try to be random and spontaneous while painting and Nemanja Vučković lies in the same category. He also tries to be completely random, and it is called hyperrealism.

He has always differentiated among essential and most essential things. The design consistency and the color of the picture itself are granted the utmost attention. He wishes to offer the viewer a sufficient room to see what he desires and to seek the potential which is completely hidden.

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