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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

At the Art Community, we are focused on giving you an exceptional buying experience with every order that you place.
Every order you place on our platform carries a 14-day money-back guarantee. Any artwork that doesn’t meet your specifications and expectations will be collected and shipped back at no cost to you.

The following is the Art Community’s policy toward returns acceptance:

  • 14 days must not have elapsed since the artwork was delivered
  • The artwork must be in its original condition and packaging when shipped back to qualify for a refund
  • Therefore, when unpacking artwork deliveries, you should handle them with care
  • If a piece of the artwork arrives when it is already damaged, picture it and send us the images to help the artist learn about what could have gone wrong with the shipment
  • If you want to know more about how to request a return, contact us on
  • In case the packaging is not sufficient, repackage the artwork and take pictures for insurance sake

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