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Christy Lee Rogers

  • 30-05-2024
  • Written by admin

Christy Lee Rogers, raised in Hawaii, makes lovely dynamic and colorful images of aquatic groups and individuals. The vibrant designs, choreography, sets, soft lighting, and bright colors that Rogers uses in her huge-scale photographic images are reflective of the classical art of the 17th century by European artists such as Caravaggio and Rubens. Her art is exhibited internationally and received the Sony World Photographer of the Year award in 2019.


Christy Lee Rogers designs vivid images with vibrant fabrics with shimmering, moving people. In her pictures, she produces a sculptural quality, not using moist pigmentation, but by immersing her topics entirely in lit water and photographing them during the night.


Christy Lee Rogers has a fascination with water as a platform for shattering modern art boundaries has brought her research to contrast with Baroque artists. Rogers refers her smart method in color and intricacy to a reservoir of bodies that are submerged in water overnight, creating her effects by using refraction of light.


Through some delicate research and testing process, she produces intricate sequences of colored and elaborate bodies that enchant the human nature as one of energy and comfort, and at the same time capturing the magnificence and resilience of the deplorable human condition.


Rogers’s work has been exhibited in public and private collections around the globe, including Paris, London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Italy, Sao Paulo, South Africa, and more. She is featured in International Magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Vogue, Elle Decoration, Photo Korea, The Independent, Casa Vogue, Global Times, Photo Technique, and others.


She has been contracted to produce underwater photographs with the iPhone 11Pro and appeared in one of her process videos behind the scenes. She has also received the Contemporary Talent Award in France from the Foundation François Schneider by Apple.


Her painting series “muses” can be compared to the paintings of Caravaggio Baroque. She said that she got the inspiration for “muses” after losing many people in her life. She was motivated, and it unblocked creativity by releasing the tension. She illustrates the release of tension through an entanglement of the fabrics and bodies in the bodies of water.


In a world of art that seems to be filled with self-aware, post-modern, or method-based work, it is amazing to meet an artist who understands the power of art to transcend nature.

It became her passion for demonstrating by her artwork that there is more to person than a body dominated by the unique existence of the material world; if he or she was more intelligent than ever thought.


We cannot be fake as this would contradict her purpose to prove that enigmatic, impossible amazing things are still around on earth — not just in our fantasies. A real artist’s work is to communicate his inner life publicly. She switched to water to do that.


Rogers firmly and claims that beauty and elegance can change the people. She has to find other ways of producing her photographs to accomplish a realistic environment

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