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At the Art Community, we are dedicated to providing artists from around the world with a platform to display their work. We have amassed a following of over 200,000 art enthusiasts and continue to grow our social media presence at a rapid rate of around 15,000 new followers per month. Our goal is to connect promising independent artists with our vast community by offering free online shops for artists to sell their work.

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In the digital age, it can be difficult to carve out a space for yourself as a new artist on the internet. The mission of the Art Community is to provide up and coming artists with a foothold in the online art world so that they can grow their following and make a living while pursuing their passion. Artists will have a choice between five unique shop layouts to which they can add prices and listings for original artwork. From there, we will promote their work across the internet and encourage them to share their shops on social media to maximize visibility.

We simply charge a modest 15% commission fee on any sales made via the Art Community Platform, which is invested back into advertising, staff, and site maintenance costs. This is to ensure that our users receive the best experience possible.

If you are an artist looking to expand their business and are unsure where to start or if you are simply a lover of original artwork, consider joining the Art Community today.

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We make sure that all artists receive attention by offering weekly spotlights on artists that are part of the Art Community. Perhaps the best part about the Art Community is that we proudly offer our services free of charge. Artists can sign up for the site and create their shop without paying a cent.

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